Don't Toy With Children's Safety

Help us stop the sale of unsafe toys from third-party sellers via online marketplaces

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of toys tested were illegal to sell in the UK

of toys tested were unsafe for a child to play with

of the toys recalled following BTHA notification over the past two years that are seemingly still on sale

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How dangerous magnets in illegal toys can cause near fatal effects

Our Pledge

To put toy safety first and to hold online marketplaces accountable to keep UK children safe.

Electrical Safety First supports the BTHA call for change. Electrical Safety First has conducted a number of studies of electrical products over recent years. In one study we tested 15 products available on Amazon Marketplace, eBay and in a specialist test laboratory. 14 out of 15 (that’s over 90%) of the products purchased failed against UK safety standards and could have caused serious electric shock or fire.

Our investigations have also found electrical products listed on online marketplaces that had been recalled for safety reasons. The BTHA report reflects our own findings; in their study 34 electronic toys had missing safety labelling, 14 failed temperature testing and could have caused burns or fires, 11 had easy access to coin batteries which can cause horrific injuries to children if swallowed, 10 gave access to internal parts which could give an electric shock.

The law needs to change to ensure that online platforms have responsibility for the safety of products that are offered for sale on their marketplaces.

Lesley RuddCEO, Electrical Safety First

We’ve grown increasingly worried that many toys sold through online marketplaces don’t comply with UK safety standards. As consumers, we assume that online marketplaces are actively policing the safety of the products they sell. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. What’s more, the government has limited powers to force them to check if toys are safe or not.

That’s why we really welcome the work that BTHA is doing to raise awareness and put forward potential solutions. We need everyone who sells toys to sell safe toys. Online marketplaces shouldn’t be the exception to this rule.

Katrina PhillipsCEO, Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)